Get Started Package


This package is for you if any of these reflect your thoughts:

  • you have a health concern that can benefit from a nutritional and/or herbal approach

  • you would like to change your current eating pattern but are wondering where to start

  • you are looking to make some small but impactful changes

  • you are considering changing to a more plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diet but have concerns about nutritional completeness 

  • you are feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice you read and are looking for some clarity

  • you are interested in introducing herbs for health and wellbeing

Initial 1 hour assessment

This involves getting to know you. It includes a full health assessment and considers all the factors that may be influencing your health. Your goals and current challenges and opportunities provide a basis for moving forward collaboratively.  

Follow-up appointments: 2 x 30-45 mins

Follow-up appointments are opportunities to ask questions, review your goals and discuss any changes that you may be noticing. They help you to stay focused on your goals, provide an opportunity for deeper clarity and understanding and keeps us both accountable.  If herbs are part of your program, the formulation may be modified.

Unlimited email

From time to time questions come up. It is helpful to have those questions answered in a timely manner so you are able to use the information as you move between appointments. I am your resource during the time you are with me and I am there, in your back pocket, to offer unconditional support. All questions are relevant and valuable. 



Payment is due at initial visit

The services of a Registered Dietitian are covered under many group benefits plans and health insurance packages. Check your insurance policy for coverage details. If you do not have coverage, Registered Dietitian visits are tax deductible under medical expenses.

Dietitian consultations are HST exempt.

Payments can be made by etransfer, credit, debit, cheque or cash.