Nutrigenomix Package

Eat according to your genes



  • 30 minute initial visit and sample saliva collection. We will look at what you are hoping to learn from the testing and what health and nutrition information is most important and relevant to you.

  • 1 hour appointment to discuss your results, and how you can use this information to improve your nutrition, manage health risks and lay the foundation for optimal health.

  • an ecopy of your results.


$495 (includes HST)

(testing is $349 + HST $45.37, RD consultation is $100.63)

+ additional $20 if you would like a hard copy of your results 

Payment is due at initial visit

The services of a Registered Dietitian are covered under many group benefits plans and health insurance packages. Check your insurance policy for coverage details. If you do not have coverage, Registered Dietitian visits are tax deductible under medical expenses.

Dietitian consultations are HST exempt.

Payments can be made by etransfer, credit, debit, cheque or cash.