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To Oatmeal and Beyond: 10 Health Benefits of Oats

If you are from Scotland like me, you’ll know that oats are a staple at the breakfast table in the form of porridge, and are a key ingredient in haggis. Outlander fans will be familiar with oats as ‘parritch’, and according to the male protagonist Jamie Fraser, ‘parritch’ is a panacea for every ailment. He may not be far wrong.

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Elderberry Syrup

As much as calendula and St. John’s wort oils are a part of Summer, so elderberry and rosehip syrups are a part of Fall. It is a time to harvest berries and roots. Roots are full of nourishment at this time as they store nutrients to support the plant through the winter months. The berries of the rose bushes and the Elder tree are full of immune-enhancing compounds.

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Seasonal Allergies

As winter and spring continue to play tag in the nations capital, it is easy to forget that pollen season is just around the corner.  Most of us welcome the return of longer, warmer days and happily watch our perennial plants re-emerge from the ground like long lost friends.

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Spice it Up

As we move into January, Ottawa has been given the title of coldest capital in the world on several consecutive days...What does this mean for our health? More time spent indoors in a dry heat, drying out the mucous membranes...

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Onion Syrup | Recipe

One onion sliced. 1-2 cloves garlic – sliced (optional). Sweetener – for example, honey, cane sugar or xylitol. In a jar, alternate layers of the sliced onion and garlic with a layer of sweetener. Put the jar and contents into the fridge overnight.

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Garlic is one of the oldest known remedies in recorded history. It grows all over the world and ancient medical texts record similar medicinal uses in the different locations. Moreover, the bible makes many biblical references to garlic’s virtues.

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